Patrick Haye

Welcome to the website of Comedian Patrick Haye.

Welcome the website of Comedian Patrick Haye.   


Patrick has been Acting and Modeling for over 10 years.   He has appeared in several television commercials, and print.  He's also appeared in the feature film "Remember by Atom Egoyan.  Do to come out in 2015.  Feature film “How She Move”, and the television series “XIII”, and "Nikita."


Between                                     Principal                     DCTV Mulmur Productions (2016

The Interview (Short)            Actor                            Riverlife Productions (2015)

Remember                                 Actor                            Serendipity Point Films (2014) 

Heaven Must Be Boring        Lead                            Amythos Media Inc. (2014)

Karma’s A B*tch                      Principal                     Cineflix Productions (2014)

Night Cries                               Supporting                Good Soldier Films (2013)

Nikita                                          Actor                           Warner Bros. TV (2013)

XIII                                           Principal                      XIII Television Productions Inc. (2008)

How She Move                        Principal                      Sienna Films Production VII Inc. (2007)

Due Process                           Lead                             Otherwise Reasonable People Inc. (2006)

Running With Wolves            Principal                      Yeung Blood Films (2006)

Circus Group                         Lead                              MariFilms (2004)