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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he has been involved with numerous TV shows and movies. Most recently, he has carved out his niche doing voice work for various TV commercials.

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Click on IMDb for my complete filmography.  

My Acting Reel

He's had the honour of working with many amazing actors and directors such as Christopher Plummer, Colin Mochrie, Martin Landou, and Atom Egoyan.  

His portfolio includes appearances on TV shows and commercials, which include:

  • Ruby and the Well

  • Coroner

  • Star Trek Discovery

  • The Murdoch Mysteries

  • Private Eyes

  • Titans

  • Nikita

  • Baroness Von Sketch Show


Atom Egoyan
Martin Landau
Colin Mochrie

Voice Actor

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Patrick Haye - Voice demoPatrick Haye
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He is the voice behind several TV commercials including Chevrolet, Starbucks, TD Bank and LCBO. He has been told that his professionalism, calm demeanor, and smooth delivery provide the ideal tone for a variety of projects.

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